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   December 17, 2011

news image Bischoff Ukuleles Releases Promotional CD

It was about 2 years ago that Gordy decided he would build his first ukulele. He hadn’t realized, however, that he would also fall in love with playing the instrument.

Now, Gordy has taken 11 of his favorite songs he arranged for ukulele to area sound engineer and producer Todd Barneson to put together a small run promotional album called Solo So High. Some songs are traditional ukulele songs such as the 1933 “Ain’t She Sweet” by E. Y. Harburg, Billy Rose and Harold Arien. Others, like George Harrison’s 1971 “Something” and the 1970 Sesame Street Classic “Rubber Ducky” by Jeffery Moss,” find new life and voicing from Gordy’s joyful translations to ukulele.

Gordy’s proudest moment is on “Five Foot Two,” the 1925 song by Sam Lewis and Ray Henderson, because Gordy is joined by his father on clarinet, who offers a fantastic accompaniment.

This little gem of an album not only promotes the Bischoff Ukulele line, but also expresses Gordy’s passion for music and the little instrument he has found so much affection for.

This CD is not for sale, but tracks of the album are available to listen to on the Audio Samples page of the website, so click the link and get a feel-good earful of ukulele bliss!

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