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   January 25, 2012

news image Bischoff Guitars Launches New Site

The nice thing about being a luthier is that, for the most part, guitar-building has not changed all that much over the years. A guitar I built 20 years ago will not be obsolete today. This does not, apparently, apply to Internet technology.

So, it was long past time to upgrade the Bischoff website. What you see now is the result, and I'm pretty excited about it. Besides the updated look and more robust navigation, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes features you won't see but that make the lives of me and my creative web guy a lot easier. For you, it means new guitars and information will be added to the site much faster and easier.

What I hope you will also appreciate is the new calendar of events section so you can be kept up-to-date on all events related to Bischoff Guitars. So, to, will this news section keep you in the know, not just about Bischoff Guitars, but about the guitar-building industry and things going on with Bischoff guitar owners.

Best of all, I will be regularly posting articles in the new Shop Talk section of the site. I'll be discussing building techniques, guitar care, maintenance and repair.

Last year it was the Bischoff Guitars Facebook page. This year, it's an honest to gosh 21st century website. Yes. I, Gordy Bischoff, am truly diving in to the virtual worlds of the web.

So, go ahead and stop by the contact page and let me know what you think of the new site. Happy browsing!

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